Music School “VladoMilosevic” Banjaluka
The Fourth International Pianist Competition “Banjaluka Biennale 2014”
BANJALUKA, 23rd-25th МАY, 2014
The Fourth International Pianist Competition “Banjaluka Biennale 2014” will be held in the Concert Hall of Banski Dvor in Banjaluka from 23rd to 25th May 2014. (Duration of the competition will depend on the number of participants) The competition will be held in two disciplines piano solo and piano duo (for 4 hands and 2 pianos)
Applications should be sent up to 30th April 2014
(Any program changes could be made until 7th May 2014)


Article 1
The competition is organized by Muzicka Skola «Vlado Milosevic», Banjaluka.
Article 2
The competition is organized biannually in even numbers of years, and it is sponsored by Ministry of Education and Culture of RS and the City of Banjaluka.
Article 3
The Competition has an international character.
Article 4
Participants of the Competition are judged by the jury composed of eminent piano performers and educators.
Article 5
Participants are due to fill in the application form and pay for the registration fee until the date given by the organizer.
Article 6
Participants in the discipline piano solo perform the program by heart, and in the discipline piano duo notes can be used in all categories
Article 7
Participant who exceeds the given time, can be stopped by a jury, and be judged by the given performance until the moment of stopping.
Article 8.
Scoring : number of scores is an average number of scores given by the all members of the jury
I prize 95-100
II prize 85-94
III prize 75-84
Commendation 65-74
Article 9
Number of prizes is not limited.
Article 10
Decision of the jury is final and irrevocable.
Article 11
Each participant in every category gets a diploma and the candidates who score less than 75 points get commendation.

1. Arsen Carkic, M.A.
2. Nemanja Savic, M.A.
3. Jasna Djurovic, B. A.
4. Dijana Zrnic, B. A.
5. Branka Kuzmanovic, B.A.
1. Nemanja Savic, M. A.
2. Maja Grumic, B.A.
3. Jasna Djurovic, B.A.
4. Mirna Savic-Banjac, B.A.
5. Stasa Kuruzovic, B.A
ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Nemanja Savic, M. A, conductor
JURY: The jury will be composed of eminent professors and pianists from this country and abroad
The applications should be sent by post or an email up to 30th April 2014 to the following addresses:
Muzicka skola “Vlado Milosevic”
Jovana Ducica 23
Banjaluka 78000
Republika Srpska
Bosna I Hercegovina
Together with the application candidates should enclose birth certificate or a copy of the passport if they are foreign citizens, as well as the receipt of the paid registration fee.
On the payment slip should be written:
– Name of the school or music academy (or the participant’s name and the place they come from)
– The purpose of transfer: Registration fee for Banjaluka Biennale
– Recipient: State revenue of the City of Banjaluka
– Recipient’s account number: 5550071203488860
– Type of revenue: 722591
– Municipality: 002
– Budget organization: 0840001
Registration fee for the discipline piano solo:
30 euros- pre-category, the first and the second category
40 euros- the third, the fourth and the fifth category
50 euros- the sixth and the seventh category
Registration fee for the discipline piano duo:
50 euros (25 euros per candidate)- pre-category and the first category
60 euros (30 euros per candidate)- the second, the third, the fourth and the fifth category