Marija Maksimova is a pianist and a piano & chamber music pedagogue in State Music Educational Centre “Sergej Mihajlov” in Macedonia. She starts her piano lessons with the teacher Irena Spasikova, then continues her music studies in the Secondary Music school “Ilija Nikolovski – Luj in ”Skopje in the piano class of M-r Stela Slejanska – Stojanovska. In the same class she finishes the Piano studies on National Music Academy“St. Kiril and Metodi” in Skopje and later she finishes her Postgraduate studies in the class of Phd prof. Ana Gaceva.

Marija Maksimova is a well recognized piano teacher. Her students has received more than 260 international and national awards  in France, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Macedonia. Half of them are first prizes, then special awards, Laureates…

She is the winner of the award “Best pedagogue”, given by the Association of music-balet pedagogues in Macedonia.

This year Maksimova got the title: “Best teacher in Ex – Yugoslavia” given by  the Association “ANN_EX_YU”, formed by the best educational leaders in the region.

In 2013 she is awarded with a “Diploma for Honours” on International music competition in Rimini, Italy.

In 2015 she received the biggest Award “St. Nicholas” for exceptional professional achievement, given by the Municipality of Stip. Also, she has the Award “Oscar of the East” for Piano pedagogy, given by the  Association of Journalists in 2018.

She is the winner of the Award “8th November”, an award of the Municipality of Stip and Mayor for an  achievement in the education and art as a pedagogue and as an artist.

During her pedagogical work, she has received many recognitions in France, Slovenia, Italy, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Macedonia like certificates for excellent pedagogical results on music competitions, diplomas for progress and development in music field, contribution to the discovery and development of young talents, certificates for attending seminars by eminent pianists, participation in the creation of the piano teaching program of the Ministry of Education in Macedonia, participation in professional lectures organized by EPTA, participation in the training for new interactive teaching methodologies and e-Learning. She was also a mentor of lectures for new teaching methods, organized by USAID and Macedonian Ministry of education.

Marija Maksimova is a member of the jury on International and State competitions in Italy, Spain, Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina and Macedonia.

Last year she organized the French Classical Music competition in Macedonia “Les Cles D’or” – (“Golden Key”). Except the educational work, she also performs as a pianist with Macedonian instrumentalists. Her students regularly perform on many concerts, festivals, competitions.